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Quaranteen them together and away from all your birds, keep them in a stress free environment.

If you can you should vaccinate all your birds, if they haven't already had the pox, that would be best. Also, keep mosquito netting around all openings of your loft, in addition to hardware cloth, as that will keep down the numbers.

I would guess your babies are getting the pox on their head, because it was easily accessible to the infected mosquito and where they were bit, is perhaps where the lesions show up. When we did the pox vaccine on our young it was on their leg and that is where a small sampling of the pox showed up. The birds need isolation from other birds for 6 weeks after the lesions show up (according to instructions on the vaccine), so you can use that as a guide to quaranteening the youngsters. Because they actually contracted the disease, you should quaranteen them for a bit longer period.

You should also give them plenty of supportive nutrition, and you can use colloidal silver topically on lesions to dry them up, around the eye's or nostrils. For lesions on the legs you can use the same or tee trea oil, watered down.
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