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pregnant, and deals with baby pigeons

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hello every body,

some of u might remember me as the one who found the pigeon that had her wings cut off.
as i told u she had her wings back, and flew away.

well, now i am pregnant, and a friend of mine bought some pigeons, and we think they are a couple cos they laid eggs, and they hatched, now she and i feed one baby, cos the other is really small, so we took the big one, and left the tiny one for the parents to feed.

both are doing well now, but i am worried about my own baby, and my own health, as i was told by another friend not to touch the pigeons, who are really tame and friendly, and not even to be at my friends house so i wont breath pigeon smell.

i am now concerned, and i would really appreciate your help.

please reply as soon as you can, thank you so very much.
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Pigeons don't carry any more diseases then any other type of birds, and most of them aren't even contagious.

You don't have to worry about that, just use the same type of hygiene you use when picking up and holding any type of animal or bird. Wash your hands before and after you hold them.

In regards to staying in an enclosed room with your baby and birds, I would not recommend it because of the powder they shed. It can cause lung breathing issues/allergies in some people, and especially for little ones-who are more vulnerable and their lungs are smaller.

However, in an enclosure or aviary where their is access to fresh air, that kind of exposure is okay.
just follow basic hygeine routine,use gloves if preffered,use anti bac hand soap after handling birds,pigeons are not the disease ridden birds people think they are,just make sure fresh air circulates in loft too,,btw what happened to pigeon with wings cut off?i have not heard that story,congats on the baby too!
Sweedu all I can say is CONGRATULATIONS...I will suggest to you not to get closer to the odor of the poops if you're allergic to it...The best thing to do is consult your physician about your health concerning pigeons and being pregnant...Can't say much because it's a guy thing :D...The mother knows best, when it comes to pregnancy...The man or husband only share the load when the baby comes out :eek:...:D...The females here can tell you more than I can...
you guys are great, all of you, thank you for ur sweet words on the pregnancy, and i will follow ur advice, i do wash my hands with hot water and soap, i also handle them in an open area.

the thing is, as u know they are so cute, and i just can not stay away from them.

i will also ask my doctor about that.

as for the other pigeon, then last year i found a pigeon who had her wings cut off, just te feathers, not the whole thing, so i took her in, and i kept her in the balcony, and gave her food, and water, until she grew her wings back, she also manage to attract a male while she was in my balcony, but they did not nest in it.

ok, i will keep u posted on the 2 babies.
thanks again.
Congratulations on your pregnancy! How exciting. Aside from washing your hands well, you can always wear a painter's mask (the little white cottony ones) when around the birds for extra safety if you desire. There is a lot of dander and such coming off their wings, at least if you have more than a few. That will aid in keeping your lungs nice and clear. Otherwise, I would think it's even good for you to hold them as it's calming and makes you feel good. :)
That is just a lovely thing to say and a great idea.......:)
hello every body again,
remember the babies? i saw a lil black insect on one babys legg, do u know what it might be? it was so lil and tiny that i only saw it because it moved up wards,other wise i would not have seen it.
should we worry about this insect? is it harmful to us humans?

also why the parents are feeding the 1st baby, and ignoring the other one? the 2nd one is really small, and did not grow much, and didnot grow feathers like the 1st one, although they are one day apart.

we are worried, thank you very much.
I'm sorry your post wasn't answered sooner.

You should be able to find a spray for pet birds at the pet store to spay the pigeons. Follow the instructions carefully and take care not to get the spray in the bird's eyes. I spray a cloth and then wipe the face with the cloth to avoid getting the spray into the eyes.

As for the smaller of the two babies may have canker. Could you hand feed that one so that it gets enough food.When you go to the pet store for the bug spray, check to see if they have a medicine for fish with the active ingredient, Metronidazole. It should be just that with no other active ingredients. If they do, buy that too.
Also, it would be great if you can post a picture of the 2 babies together.
thank you for your help, but what is canker?

i will try to put a photo of them, although i dont know how to post pix here.

i will also tell my friend about those meds u mentioned, thank you.
Canker is something that pigeons carry in their system and those of us that keep pigeons treat them a couple of time a year to keep it in balance.
so is canker bad for me? my friend and my baby?
how can i put pix of them?
hey, where did the link go?
i just put it there!?!?!?!?!?!?
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hello every body,
i have posted a link of a picture of the 2 babies, and i am waiting for feedback.
will you please take a look at it.

also i took the 2 babies out and put them next to the parents, and i noticed that they fed the older and still ignored the younger one, they even moved away from him, when he tried to go near them.

that really broke my heart, the lil fella, needs warmth and food, and they deny him all that, why is it?

thank you.
Hi sweedu,

It's a tough part of the natural world for us humans to accept but there may well be something wrong with the 2nd baby that you can't see but that the parents know. If this is the case, the parents will give the food and nurturing to the healthy baby to ensure it's survival. You could get some Kaytee baby bird formula from the pet store and hand feed it ... but you need to accept that it may not make it regardless of what support you provide to it. Nature can seem harsh sometimes....
i am feeding him, he eats well, i will keep feeding him, hoping he will make it, i dont think i can just give up right? as long as he is eating, i will keep doing it.

thank you for ur help.
good news every body,

the mom and dad are actually feeding the lil one now.
i think the nest was to samll for all of them and it was tight for them to feed the 2 babies, as now the older one can move out, and walks around the balcony, so they just ignore him now and head to feed the lil one, also he can now eat a lil bit on his own, so they just feed him less now.

and the lil one is enjoying it, he is even not that hungry when we try to feed him.

i am happy fro him, is this a great development?

well, they are not feeding him any more, i really dont know what to do?

i fear he will not survive.

we'll feed him something now.
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