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These are the news:


I am planning to start a PETITION on iPetitions website.
Can you please help me on this process?

1.First i need to add a petition statement and i need ideas. I cannot be longer than 1000 words, so i need all of your reasons why we should stop this ban..I would like to cover not only health matter ( where i really need your input) but more than that, although we have to stay focus on the health issue, reason for which they will ban the wild pigeons in the cities.
2. Once the petition started and gathered signatures, does anyone know what's next..How do i send it to the Government? Send the link?LOL . I am new in this. Does it need sigantures only from people from Canada ( i would think it's more " vocal" if Canadians would sign)
3. Will the Gov. contact me to support my point of view and be there when they debate?

Thank you all!
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