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The purpose of this post is just to ask for some advice from the more experienced people, so sorry if I missed the correct place to post, I was unsure.

So I have a rescued feral pigeon that due to neurological problems could not be returned in to wild. he was hand fed and happy with humans, he is my pet now, lives in my apartment, even sleeps at the head of my bed.
Recently I got a injured small birds that actually had psittacosis - lab test has proven it eventually. The problem is my pet pigeon at one incident got hold of the feathers of the small bird, from the back of its head, and plucked them. No damage to the small bird just plucked 3-4 feathers, it was a freak accident... Anyway, now I suppose my pigeon is infected.

This all happened 23 days ago and my pigeon has no symptoms - I know it can take much longer. I noticed in last 2 days that his poops are sometimes a bit softer and have yellow urine component. I am taking the poop sample to the vet tomorrow.

Now the question. First this pigeon is allergic to tylosine. Can he take doxy? If he has psittacosis, do you propose I do just the 7 days doxy treatment, not to completely eliminate the disease but just stop him shedding it and then maybe repeat when he has symptoms ever again. Or do the full treatment knowing that he already has weak liver and kidneys... and that 45 days of doxy can just mess him up completely. And was else I can do to help him go trough 45 days of doxy? Btw I only have 10 mg doxy tablets for pigeons....
PS I was reading on line different papers from vets and they say even 45 days of doxy will not always cure the disease and in case of pigeons it is better to treat them until the disease in in a phase that it is not active, just dormant...
Wow tuff crowd..lol.. I hope the vet gives you the help you are seeking. I would think if you had the sparrow tested then can you test your pigeon?, you might be worrrying about nothing. I hope the best!
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