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Putting new pigeons with others

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Hi everyone,

I have a young pigeon that is the sibbling to the older pigeons. The are about 6 months apart. I would like to put them together because mom and dad have a new one and mom picks on it. Does anyone have any advice on how to put it with the older sibblings without it getting picked on?
Thank you Kiwileo
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That would depend on how many older siblings there are and how old is the youngster, and whether it has an aggressive personality and can defend itself or not.

If you have other youngsters to introduce, its best to introduce them all at the same time.

I would just put the baby in the coop with the older babies, if there are only a few older kids, but keep an eye out until they have established their pecking order and the bird has settled in peacefully.
The new baby has to find its place among the older ones.
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