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Ok, I have read and saved the Thread on shipping Birds so I know to ship birds older than 28 days. But here are my questions:

1. I do not like prisoners, so how old is too old for a young bird to be moved to a new loft and then will not home to the new loft?

2. Since I would be shipping or receiving young birds, what vaccines, worming, and meds should the bird have before it is shipped?

3. If the Birds are wormed and vaccinated, before shipping; but I not sure the received bird was treated, would it be safe to quarantine and treat the bird a second time at the receiving end also?

4. I know I should quarantine a new bird for at lease two weeks and look for any illness, but should I give any meds during this time also, even if it is a young bird?
1. I would attempt to secure a YB no older then about 5 weeks. Keep in mind #4, so the bird will be a bit "strong on the wing", during the quaratine you might consider placing the bird in a cage outside, so it begins to "Imprint"

2. When I have shipped, I have given them the PMV and Paratyphoid vaccine, worming and dip.

3. If you don't know, and can't find out, then I think the safe thing to do, is assume it was not.

4. I would assume the worst. But only to be on the safe side. I would give the vaccines, if you do not trust that they were given, I would worm, I would dip, and I would give canker meds. The reason for this is to knock down the new strain you would be introducing to the loft. I would use "Turbosole" for 5 full days. Along with this you must use common sense. If after a week, the stools look good, and the bird appears healthy, then the ACV and probotics etc. will do just fine. If, however the bird appears not to be well at any point, then you have to consider what measures to take. 95% of the time, there won't be a problem...but if there is, you want it contained to just this bird, and not your whole YB team.
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