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well i decided to keep my birds i didnt have the heart to sell them, but i dont think i will be racing any this year as money is very tight and i got a young family,so i keep my birds in the garden untill things get better and then i will return to the sport but in the meantime i will just sit and injoy them in the garden,

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That's all I do. At one time, I had 30 pigeons, now I'm down to 6.
I call them, My Backyard Birds! :D
I originally wanted to race, but soon found out that there arn't enough racers in my area.
I have racing homers, but I'm planing on getting some Tipplers some day, specifically for back yard flying.
It's funny that 15yrs ago, I lived in the city, and wanted to race, but I would have had to drive out in the country miles and miles to release them, to fly back. Now, I live in a small town, and have to drive 80 miles, one way to get to wallmart twice a month!, and I don't want to race!
Every day, I take care of them, they are my kids. They really enhance my back yard. I'm proud to keep pigeons. :cool:
When my Dad passed on,and went to race in Heaven against the best there is,I couldn`t race my birds for 11 years..It just wasn`t in me to fly without him at my side...My Mom & Dad moved to West Virginia,to be with me and their grandson,and we raced my birds together,and it was alot of fun...And we didn`t win anything,but we enjoyed the birds together...I beleive in the commercial,as they would say "It`s Priceless""......good luck,and don`t worry..You`ll be back....I think old Arnold S. said that in a movie !! hahahaha!!!!......Alamo
hey alamo i know what you saying there my dad is still with us but very old now bless him. i raced pigeons all my life with him beside me.we had years of fun with our birds, we now live 3hrs drive from each other.but he packed in pigeons years back when he got to old to keep up with it all, and like you without my dad racing with me it dont seem the same.i was talking to him yesturday and he said he will pay my expensives for racing this year if i wanted to do so, but i said ni i not takeing his money he worked hard for all his life, but i know dad it be in the post lol.think he wants to be a silent partner in the birds bless him. but yeah alamo i know what it means when you raced pigeons with ya dad all your life.

Mark,glad to hear you have your Dad,and too bad he didn`t live closer to you...But you know,if it would make HIM happy,if you raced your birds,and get that feeling of excitement,if you would win a race,I myself would do that...Do anything you can to make HIM feel,life is worth living "At Any Age" !!!! And if pigeons are his 2nd Love,because 1st love is ALL his human family,then maybe racing your birds is a good idea....The thing is,I don`t know how expensive it is to race your birds where you live...Here in WVa,it`s not expensive,especially if gas is around $2 a gallon....Good Luck to you no matter what......Alamo
Mark, what Alamo said. I'd give anything to be able to do something with my dad again. he is gone 12 years now and I still miss him. Let him partner with you and you will never regret it. It will enrich his life and yours. When he passes on, you will have a very special memory in your heart about you and dad and the pigeons. Give it a go if ya can.
Nice dads you all got there. My dad built my first loft and we had no idea what we were doing. We built the loft to look like those bird house for wild birds, but bigger. LOL!

I don't race so when I toss my birds, I try to "race" them home. Most of the time they are there waiting for me on the roof saying like "you are slow."
Rod, I did the same thing, they Always beat me home!
Then I had my wife watch, and time them in. That worked a lot better :D
If I do It again, I'll wait untill I can get close to the AU's yearly winners times and then consider racing.
Otherwise, It's just the Backyard for me.
I have a older bloodline of Wisconsin Racers, Probly not Super Dooper anyway. The wind blows pretty strong though in North Dakota, and My birds can really go sometimes. :cool:
I'll even loft fly them in 50 MPH Winds sometimes, ZOOM-ZOOM-ZOOM !
So far, Not one problem. As long as they are eager to be let loose, in the high winds, I'll allow it, and I always watch carefully.
I only have 6 pigeons to worry about, so it's Not like I'm releasing 200.
Sometimes, the neighbor looks out his window, and wonders what I'm doing standing in my backyard, spinning around looking up at the sky on such rotten, sometimes cold (More often than not) and very windy days!
lol lads my dad has sent me the expensives for my years racing bless him he said he wants to come up and stay for a while and sit in the garden with me and waiit for the birds to come home from the races. its going to be a grate season for me lol bless your heart dad.
Yep, It's nice to be in the yard, and watch pigeons!
Loft flying, or returning home. :D
Good Luck Racing! :)
Mark,your going to win a race or two,because your Dad (Good Luck Charm),will be there to help you !!!! Whether you Win or lose (A Race),you are allready a WINNER,and so is your DAD...Good Luck Racing !!!......Alamo
yep i won every race lol. going to be a grate season no matter what
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