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My pretty doves, so drenched in rain!
Ordered: "Never come again!"
Sitting, sad, can't understand
Pitiless men who close their hands,
Who would deny you shelter, food
And see you as a loathsome "brood"
Who look at you and see "a rat,"
While reverencing the dog, the cat!
Forget that on the wings of doves,
Came Holy Spirit, from above!
How Noah, with a steady hand
Loosed a dove to search for land
Or how, in battles, old and new,
The valiant pigeon bravely flew
With messages to save our troops,
No, now you stand for "rat" and "poop!"
We built our cities, paved the streets,
Stick our our chests, brag: "What a feat!"
You're culled {or killed},
You're caught in traps
While ruthless men
See necks are snapped
Poisoned, shot or driven off
Where once we housed you in our lofts...
There's piles of money made each day
By those who know that "death" can pay!

Pretty doves, so drenched in rain!
I see your saddness,
Feel your pain!
You see, your use had been outlived
Although your heart you'll gladly give.....

Lindylou - October 1, 2009

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I've only just seen this poem. It's very touching and outlines some very sad points. Sad but beautifully put.


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What a sad but beautiful poem...there are so many animals that suffer similar fates...I wish the world was different.

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Gorgeously written, though very sad. It makes it's poignant point well.

You should send this in to try and get it published in a newspaper or pigeon magazine. (Don't know if your newspaper has a section for random local writings--some of the ones in towns near us do.)
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