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hey people, hope everyone is well.
id like to start with the good news.
i have a pair of squabs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
waheyyyyyyyy. im well happy! feel like i've just had children or something.
ok this is my dilemma.
i've got a pair of pigeons. and they've just had a pair of squabs.
they are sane and healthy. i have just recently re built their loft to make it more comfortable for them. they have plenty of space, and i let them out to fly around everyday.
now within a months time im going to be joining the army. so ill be away from home to look after them. my mum is going to take the responsibility.
anyway. now the squabs will grow up and because of no other birds they will pair up with each other. i don't really want this to be quite honest. so just before i leave. im thinking to buy two separate young birds, hen and cock. and introduce them to my loft. so by this way the siblings wont have to pair up with each other...
so my first question is , is this a good idea? does it sound sensible?
second question- now that there's 2 squabs, every time my pair lay, is it a high chance that they will hatch? so that's 2 squabs every month or so....
we need to control this! - how will we control this...?
i just want to avoid incest and sibling paring up. if they just keep laying and hatching then the loft will be a chaos scenario.
we wouldn't know who is who lol.
last but not least.
do i have a duty as a grandfather for the squabs? do their parents sort everything out themselves? is there any additional help i could give these youngsters?
when are they able to fly (at what week?)
thanks alot people. i know its kinda long and maybe confusing but here's my story. any help would be greatly appreciate. thanks and regards serkz!

(this is my second time posting this. just to get some more insight on this matter... more opinions and experiences. any additional help would be greatly appreciated)

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I will answer a few questions. If you do not want the eggs to hatch, you just simply replace them with Fake eggs. The pair will sit on them but it comes a time when they will abandon them.

The babies will start flying to at 3 -4 weeks old. But i would not let them go out. You have a small flock and it's a good target for predators.

Also it's not good to have babies with your " babies" until they mature enough. Some pairs mate as young as 4 months old, but it's better to have their babies latter.

The sibling could pair up even if you bring new pigeons. I have a male that choose to pair up with his sister ( i do not breed my pigeon).
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