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My sister gave me a book because she knew I loved birds and pigeons.

It is fiction, but the author has woven a lot of factual history into
her story, including bits about the Passenger Pigeon and a real
naturalist, Edward Nelson, who studied and recorded bird species
all over the world, and of course, Audubon's work.

The book is called "The Mapmakers's Opera," and the author is
Bea Gonzalez.

It is set partially in Spain and then Mexico, and has a strong
Spanish flavor, since most of the characters are Spanish or
Mexican (other than Nelson).

It is not a literary masterpiece, and the author tries to be clever
with too many "conceits" (is that the word) and gimmicks, such
as using the format of an opera to tell her story, and layers that
with the map idea as well. I just wanted, at some point, for her
to drop all the gimmicks and tell the dang story.....

BUT, I give it extra points for uniqueness. I have never read a
book of adult fiction that featured main characters who loved
and studied birds...and that featured the Passenger Pigeon.

Check it out. If you do, pm me and tell me what you think.

Love and peace,

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Hi Glenn,

That book sounds interesting. I'll add it to my 'to read' list.
If you like fiction involving bird characters, you may like 'The Stonor Eagles', by William Horwood. It involves sea eagles and ravens, and the action mostly takes place in Scotland and Scandinavia. Not a read for the fainthearted, but unputdownable! :)

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Another book :)


You may also like Wesley the Owl by Stacey O'Brien. Thats a great book!
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