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it appears this beautiful pigeon(hen) has s fleshy lump which is extending from her rectum
and is oozing some blood from i belive her picking at it as it must be itching her. i
understand this happens when in laying a egg the problem arises when difficulty in passing
it occurrs. i noticed this yesterday and warm watered and cleaned the area.she rested in
the sun.she very spry and seems not depleted of any energy,except for this fleshy protursion
from the rear end.( i have heard that eventually this recedes back into the anus) but i
dont think it will.

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HI Frank,

Your bird has a prolapsed cloaca. A bird does not not have just a rectum like a human, it has a canal of sorts for feces, urine and eggs (or sperm) all rolled together. If you do not get medical help or if you are not able to reinsert the cloaca, it will die shortly because the prolapse will block feces and urine from being voided.

If you want to try this yourself, take a q-tip with a little vaseline on it and try to reinsert the whole thing by pushing it gently back up into place. With a little luck it will stay and with more luck the tubes leading down from the kidneys will be able to function. If it does not stay up in place come back to us and let us know. Remember the vaseline is necessary to keep you from pulling the organ out when you withdraw the q-tip


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Four months ago, i had a pigeon with a prolapsed, i searched the net & the resources i
have.. Some suggested Preparation-H, vaseline .. others suggested white oak bark, and
there's those who suggested an old remedy by wetting it with warm water then coat it
with thin sugar paste, and i've read that some birds need surgery.

I used the sugar method !! with vaseline.. when i pushed, it stayed there for about 2 min,
then came out again.. i pushed it again & repeated that every time it comes out.. until i got
fed up then i used a medical tape to make it stay there, making sure it can excrete feces.
(i watched it do that!) after 2 days i checked & it was/still ok, then i removed the tape.

Mind you, that i'm not a vet/expert.. and you should take what i said as a mere experience
that wil give you a hope not to give up.​
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