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so today at around 8am I CHECKED THE SKYS for hawks or other pigeons, everything was clear off my young birds go flying looking beautiful. All of a sudden I see 4 pigeons being released about 10 blocks away.. Guess what happens next 2 of my birds go with them. I followed them to the location where they kept landing. I knocked on the door and spoke to the owner of the home asking him if he raises birds or if he knew anyone around this location he said no that the birds always land in his yard.I explained why I was bothering him very polite I was. I stated I was sorry for bothering him and thanked him for his time, when he asked me where did I live I told him and off I went. Kind of strange that he would ask me where I lived if he wasn't flying birds.
I think whomever seen my birds sent out some chasers.
what do you guys think?
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