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He's been rehomed to a sanctuary with a nice lady who keeps injured doves here in WA state. She picked him up at the ferry on Saturday (lw). He's been happy, sunning, has new friends and has grown in most of his feathers. His lipoma had generally receded. He was healthier all the time and was getting some air, could fly up three feet when indoors.
His mate, Picki was a sweet babe. She was abducted from my apartment and probably killed after a disrespect argument without non-compliance with my janitor and landlord. Both are absolute household terrorists. I've been evicted after giving a 30 day notice and my time with pigeons is through - until I find another apartment in 7 years.
I contacted an attorney (Adam Karp) here in WA who is there to represent regarding animal abuse and torture. He was willing to help and the evidence of people targeting me and my beloved pets abounds. He's 375/hr so I had to pass on it. 3 police calls, involvement from two government agencies who approved of the treatment of my pets. This is more of a domestic violence case than it is a murder of a pet. These people have been somewhat brutal towards me and require a level of respect that I don't know how to have. It's personal. I've been stalked like this for years.
Thank you to everybody who saw that I'm a basket case who helped me out with my pigeon problems.
Pancake is doing really, really well. He had enjoyed his neighborhood walks and everyone always wanted a picture of him. He loved his outdoors time and he had become like a dog who liked to sleep occasionally next to my head. He sat by me all night long while I cried and cried and cried and chewed my finger after Picki was abducted. I'm guessing that the culprit snapped my pet's neck as that's what offended people do who aren't getting respect.
That picture of him in the "cage" is actually an aviary. The woman is great and came from four hours away to pick up my bird. She has four other wild pigeons. Two are rescues.
That's Picki's memorial on my shelf. I will always love my little baby. She was such a good bird and was so pretty.
Again, my pigeon time is up. This was devastating. Maybe later when there aren't pigeon killers around lurking for the opportunity to strangle both pigeons and women.
Take care!


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