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removing eggs

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I have a pair that were only setting on eggs occasionally. The eggs were cracked and very cold so I removed them. Will they still stay a pair and lay eggs again? I would guess they would so how soon will they lay again? This was their first nest and eggs.
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I betcha they lay again. (So long as they are not the super-birds you are gonna race for that Dr. P :) )
I have a pair that has done the same thing. They are very tepid about sitting on the eggs. Other pairs are laying and hatching, but this pair will not settle down.
They will stay together and give it another try. The second clutch is usually initiated 10 days after the loss of the previous clutch; that is, the 1st egg of the second clutch is laid about ten days after the loss of the previous clutch. She then "hovers" over the egg, skipping a day to allow for the formation of the next egg and then lays the second egg about 46 hours after the 1st egg.
Buck: secret weapons safe

Don't worry Uncle Buck my secret weapons are 1/2 way into their first babies and they may hatch Super Dupers that would be old enough for our DR PEPPER CHALLENGE. May have to have a side bet of some OREO's to make this a serious event. Hope all is well up North.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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