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Rescue Report updated with surprising news

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The Rescue Report has been updated with some rather shocking news...
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Very sweet! Ha Ha!! It DOES happen to the best of us. I had always prided myself in the fact that I'd NEVER had an oops baby. Kept meticulous records. Pulled eggs/replaced on time, yada, yada, yada............then there was POPPY!!
What's that new song out?? SH....................IT happens..........LOL
They're adorable and you are going to REALLY fall madly in love with them. So, just sit back and enjoy...........;)
sigh.......<<< shaking head>>>.......... ALL I have to say to this IS:

YES ..... It does happen to to the best of us!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Don't feel too bad... happened to me with my dovies too... sneaky lil turds!!!)

I gotta say thou--- THEY are so sweet! and such a great MOM and DAD! LOL...... That LOOK on his face just says it ALL!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS on "oopsy/daisey" LOL...LOL...
One proud pigeon you have there!

"Success at last!"

Ah, bless! There is nothing like the expression on a pigeon's face when it looks at its miniature hatchlings.

No oopses here, not yet, but I once put a rescued woodie hatchling (he was found still in the egg) under one of our ferals (Tootsy) for fostering...I was a bit worried about the baby appearing for the first time under the father, I didn't know what his reaction would be. Tootsy's eyes nearly popped out of his head, then he very gently drew the hatchling under him Beautiful.

Those babies are so cute, the oops babies hahahaha, Congratulations!!! :)

Beautiful pair of parents and lovely babies!
Must be in the air, because I messed up this last month too and found an oops baby last week!!!! :eek::eek: Of course this was when the barn babies were finding their way to me so I suddenly had all these new babies and then I found the oops one and literally did that cartoon thing--when you put your hand up to your forehead and say D'oh! I felt guilty at first but it's my first one in a loooong time so I decided nothing else to do but enjoy the little guy. I'm not quite sure how they slipped only one past me, they were on fake eggs and there is no other real egg around, so who knows?? I think the stork was here. :D I hope you really enjoy the new babies, they're so sweet and fun to watch grow up. :D
what a wonderful photo!!! he or she looks like they will be a great parent!
am awaiting to see if my very first egg hatches.....

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