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In celebration of Father's Day, my children took me to dinner at Bluewater Grill in Newport Beach, CA. I was sitting at the table near the dock, I noticed a small pigeon floating in the water right next to me. It was still breathing. It looked as if it had already been in the water for a long time and not making any other effort to get herself out, just breathing and waiting to die.
I hurried down near the dock and came as close as possible to the pigeon (ignoring a No Trespassing sign), took a box that contained a sweater that my daughter had bought for me for Father's Day and started moving the water around the pigeon towards my direction. When the pigeon came close enough I lowered the box underneath the pigeon who moved suddenly to get itself on the box, but it slipped. I felt I had only one more chance to try this again before the pigeon moved farther away from me and half the box became too wet. On the second try, I was able to lift it off the water and carry it. I wrapped it immediately with a paper napkin from the restaurant and started to dry it and keep it warm. We got into the car and we turned the heater on to keep it warm. My wife who was holding it tried to help the pigeon spit out all the water that it had ingested. A few minutes later, the pigeon died. I'm so heart broken over this!
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