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About 8 months ago I found a Dove laying on the ground outside my work. i put her in a box and brought her home. I made her formula as her eyes where not even open when I found her. She is now 8 months old. My mom let the rabbits see her while she was in her cage and was trying to show Eva the dove that they could not get to her. They where only interested in her seeds. After this happened she became extremally angry with my mom she hates her, pecks at her, splashes her wiht water, when my mom lets her out she flies onto her head and hits her with her wings over and over. She hates her. My mom doesn't like her now either but my mom always makes sure she is fed and has water she is the only one who does this as I work full time and so my mom takes care of the pet's. I don't what to do to make her happy or less angry. My mom tried to apologize she wasnt have that. I do not think she is happy with. I cannot afford a bigger cage for her or a partner. I have had some major trauma happen in my life this year one thing being a crazy ex who tried to kill my son and when that did not work left him at the hospital and abandoned him. So i am financially strapped I want my dove to be happy even if it is not wiht me.
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