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Hi, how is he doing? I'm very glad to know that he is doing well and that he is in good hands!

I have experience only with anticoagulant rat poison. Here in France my ex neighbor poisoned pigeons and doves with the one in red grain. Fortunately she moved away years ago..

In Italy I found 5 dead pigeons on my balcony. I talked to my vet and to an animal association and they both suspected poison so I filed a police report. At least police talked to the building manager and I haven't found other dead birds...

What are the ingredients of your plant based liver supplement? Recently I bought one containing, among its ingredients, artichoke and it made wonders for my pigeon Londo. She got an infection and had very very watery droppings (same amount of cat pee!). Even when she started to eat again seeds on her own she had that issue. Thanks to the liver supplement she stopped with those droppings.
Even my mum is used to drink a herbal tea containing artichoke (for her liver) and she finds it very helpful. Artichoke has many health benefits.

Good luck to your lovely Broly! Keep up updates!
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