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I found a young pigeon by the side of the road yesterday evening, tired and unable to fly. Have some experience with birds so brought it home; it wasn't eating or drinking on its own after giving it time to warm up, so I force fed it 'pellets' made of mashed wild bird seed, bread, and water and kept an eye on it overnight. It's now more alert and picking at seeds on its own (doesn't seem to know 100% what to do with them but is getting some down), and has been flying and exploring my living room a little with no obvious pain or injury. Poops were normal when I brought it home, became 'spinach-like' overnight, but look ok now.

My Qs:
  • I haven't seen it drink today - any advice on what I should do? I've provided a deep cup with electrolyte solution but it just doesn't seem interested. I have some clean medicine syringes if useful. Am currently trying dip method with little success, though no major dehydration symptoms/signs since last night.
  • Can someone point me at a rescue or rehabilitation centre in/around Cardiff area who can take this little pal? Have tried FAUNA but I think the owner isn't able to take any more at the mo. Wish I could look after it indefinitely but my apartment has a no pets policy.
Thanks for any help.

Edit: Got hold of someone (via Pigeon Angels on Facebook) who is coming to take her tomorrow.
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