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Hello everyone,

Ok so i have a pigeon its a hen. I noticed today it was breathing heavily i checked here out, held her. Then i let her go she started weezing heavily now?

I opend her mouth and i noticed that her throat was like caving in looks like :eek: <---- that. You know how a pigeons throat is supposed to look like the first hole then the back with the curtain. The curtain area looks like its a circle? I have never encountered this before anything will help. Thanks.

Weezing while breathing trying to breath???? Respitory? All my other birds are fine so i let her stay by herself in a section.
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Hi MN,

Your bird may well have a respiratory infection. You should segregate her from any other birds you have, get her into a box with a heating pad as soon as possible. You are going to need some antibiotic quickly. Do yo have any Amoxcillin or Doxycycline around?
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