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Rock Pigeon

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Hi i currently work at a vet clinic
and i had one rock pigeon come in, i have kept it in the house in a cage (had a broken wing but mended itself) now today i got another pigeon cant walk for some reason, i am moving them outside for more room, but i dont know what to put into the shed, i have brances and what else would i need!

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Matt, I sent you an email because I thought you had logged off this site.
Please don't put the pigeon that can't walk, outside in the shed. It needs to be kept warm and given supportive care. Please run a fecal on both birds to check for worms, coccidia and bad bacteria. Personally, I would start the non-walking bird on baytril asap.

Once outside and in the shed, pigeon prefer shelves to roost on and flat perches. It's very important to make sure they are dry and protected from predators which would include rodents that can get into the shed.
There is so much more to all of it than just what I've told you and this site is a has a wealth of mostly, helpful information.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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