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can they roll?
looks like color birds to me..
The Yellow pair is coming from recessive red cock and yellow hen. They are Carl Hardesty Family. Cock is 20 to 25 feet Hen is 10 feet roller. They are safe and frequent rollers. The silver pair is coming from Pure Pensom cock and James Turner mixed Hen. Cock rolls up to 30 feet and the hen is 10 feet roller but still developing. The Hen is less than 6 months old. Does that answer your question?

I also like to sell them together to one buyer where we can save money on shipping.
The shipping cost will be approximately $50. About $35 to $40 anywhere in USA and $15 for the brand new USPS approved shipping box. I am willing to let them go for $100 total anywhere in USA, including shipping and the shipping box. Otherwise one pair will cost about $80. Why not pay $20 more and save on shipping?

Thanks for all the inquiries
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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