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I have many breeds of pigeons for sale including:
Birmingham Rollers, many different colors.
Parlor Rollers, many different colors.
Homing Pigeons, many colors, whites and racers.
Classic Frills, white bar opal satinettes.
Old German Owls, red and blue bars.
Bokhara Trumpeters, indigo, black, ash red and blue.
American Fantails, white, red saddle, yellow saddle, blue bar, blue grizzle, khaki and dun
Indian Fantails, whites and white with a few dark feathers.
Garden Fantails, white and pieds.
Valencian Figuritas, blue, red, and white
2 White Utility Kings
4 Crosses
Please take a look at my website for pictures and prices.
I will be farming, while the weather is good, so email will be the best way to reach me until I get caught up.
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