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SF ACC Small Animals is always full and now, dealing with a custody case that brought in 50 rats, is full to over-flowing. Birds are at risk of euthanasia.

7 kings will be put down tomorrow if we can't get them out in time. I CANNOT take them.

They have-
-13 king pigeons
-3 game hens & 3 game roosters
-1 red hen & 1 red rooster

Any placements of these birds will help!

If you think you can help in any way, please contact
Elizabeth Young [[email protected]]

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I had posted my update to my original thread. Appreciate the effort but not sure starting a new thread is good (probably poster had seen my e-mail plea but not PT post). Anyways- news is good:

I'm moving the 4 hens and 7 kings today (still figuring out who goes where but all are moving) and so this crisis is passed. Clearly the BRILLIANT King Caravan idea is not a moment too soon. And here's my update from last night.


SF ACC King Update



Thank you EVER so much for all your efforts to help. Thank you for your research, your 'whatever it takes' support, your offers to pay shipping, your suggestions- thank you! I think we've got enough possibles in the works (for short-term fosters) that no bird will have to be killed.

If we can help place any of the chix/roosters, that does help take pressure off the kings. (I've got folks working on that, too. Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue is an INCREDIBLE volunteer organization in the Bay Area from whom I and all the area's birds get a TON of support). That said, if you can help, please do but want PT-ers to know you've got back up.

I'll post more details as they are finalized but didn't want folks overly-stressing.
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