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Here is the deal, I’m located in Brooklyn NY and I have more birds then i can handle. I also plan to reorganize my coop soon so this is my proposal. I’m not fond of selling birds online, going to the postal service and waiting on long lines. Instead someone give me an offer for a certain amount of birds, I’m not looking for much....Just tell me your going to come, take more than 20 birds (i don’t care which one you take) and give me some sort of compensation then ill be very happy.

Email me at [email protected] Maybe we can agree for this week... If you have a few boxes you can take 50 birds or even 80...I need pictures though to make sure the birds are going to a good home!!!! very important for everyone to know that I wont just give the birds to anyone!!

BTW the birds are Iranian Highflyers, the older ones I have (I’m selling the younger ones) fly for around 5 hours, great performance!!

The only way I will be willing to mail through usps is if someone takes a large amount of birds
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