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Yesterday was the first day I had birds out of the loft. They were in a homemade cage with 1/2 inch hardware cloth and 2x2's. When I was putting them back in the loft there was some splattered blood and far tip of tailfeathers of one bird stained red. No noted injuries. Any thoughts what did this?

Saw a DVD on training birds, it said to not put them on the ground when in a cage. Any reason for this?

Do birds recognize color? If I paint my landing board a certain color should they notice it better?

Thank you.
sounds like someone broke a blood feather or toenail. the cage is so they can see the area and learn it before you let them out, not sure about being on the ground but where else would you be wanting to put it? some follks paint the landing board a orange or white, not sure if it helps or not, but perhaps they can see that from a good distance and trap in a bit quicker...im not sure about that one...
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