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Sex of eggs

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My pair is courting right now, probly gonna lay eggs in the next day or two. I downgraded to only 3 birds a month ago after losing one to my dog and needing to change how I run things. I want my pair to have only one baby and I would prefer a female. I seem to remember reading something about one egg usually being female and one usually being male, is there any truth to this and does anyone know which one is usually the female (first or second)?
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They say (not sure who THEY is...LOL) that the first egg is a cock bird, however, if you get two hens, then that ain't true is it? And if you get two cocks, then, obviously, the second egg isn't a hen.
Truth of the matter is...........you don't know. You've got a 50/50 chance of choosing the right egg, but only if one egg is a cock and one is a hen.....if you've got two of the same sex, it doesn't matter which you choose.........
Just pick one and go with it and hope for the best.
I guess i can not get into a mess, agreeing with Renee again, so i do.
Shape of the egg


In this forum, somewhere I have read to find the sex of egg, by its shape,
Why dont u test it & confirm.

I remember reading that you can pretty much guess the sex of the egg by it's shape. something like the pointed ones are male and rounded are female or is it the other way around??? hmmmm. cant remember!
yea thats true even with chickens the pointed one is the cock and the more rounded one are the hens. and i dont know i dont really agree about the first egg is a cock because sometimes you do get both hens so yea. what ezemaxima is true
It is hard to tell which egg will be the cock or the hen...But if I were you, just let it hatch and there are times that you can get two hens or sometimes two cocks...Mostly likely they are pair of different sexes in each clutch...Never thought of this curiousity question before so I just let them hatch and whatever survive to maturity...
In another post there was a thing (Discussion) about sexing eggs. I decided to try it with my chickens (Hens are worth more than roosters) and, although it was a very unscientific test, I could not prove, nor disprove this theory.
I tried it with the black sex-link chickens (Black heads are females, black heads with spots are males). I took a tray of 180 eggs and made sure I had none that were to pointy. Mostly just nice round eggs and hatched them out. I ended up with about the same number of males and females as I usually do.
Maybe I should have tried the really pointy eggs and seen what I ended up with... This does not mean it does not work, it just means it did not work for me.
Just curious what will be the shape of infertile egg...!
In my experience, an infertile egg will be either round or pointed on one end. (Sorry, had to crack that joke) The only way I know of to find out if an egg is fertile is to candle it in about 12 - 14 days. By then you should see something developing inside the shell.

There is no proof that eggs can be sexed by shape or order of laying. No short cut to raising the young and seeing what they are. Better yet just acquire an adult of the right sex. If you don't want to raise many young then throw their eggs away and replace with wood ones.

when the egg is large it its a COCK.. when it its small it its a hen..like a chicken.
when the egg is large it its a COCK.. when it its small it its a hen..like a chicken.
Fastpitch here--
What are they when they are the same size then?
Thank you all for your comments I do appreciate it...

With all the different opinions I have decided to just hatch both :) That way I can pick my favorite markings or the female and I already know someone who wants the other.
Okay so now there are more thoughts and something to add to my tiny brain of knowledge from another fancier...If the egg is pointy, it's a cock and if its round, it's a hen, another way of sexing the egg is when the egg is bigger it's a cock and smaller egg is the hen...I'll remember that...
This is new to me after 40 odd years of hatching every thing from pigeons, to Quail, to peafowl, as well as Ducks, and Chickens, turkeys, Guinea Fowl, ect. Where did this get started? i am interested in the Theory. Dave
Does any of this really even matter? How many times are you THERE when the babies hatch and KNOW which baby came out of which egg? LuckyT said he's not heard of this in 40 some years.
Don't you think that just maybe IF this was 100% true/accurate that we would have stopped asking about 1000 years ago how to sex baby pigeons?
There's a whole bunch of "theories" out there, but NONE of them are 100% accurate and besides.........it would take all the fun out of watching these little guys grow up and "turn into" whatever sex they are.
IF or WHEN someone figures out how to sex baby pigeons 100% of the time, he or she will be well known the world over in no time flat.
Well put Renee, i did not mean to rant, i just did not want to miss out on something that would have made setting eggs so much easier!! LOL! Dave:D
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