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I see alot of advice on how to tell the difference between male and female doves. I raise ringneck doves and successfully breed them. Id like to just add some exceptions to the typical male behavior and typical female behavior.

I have 2 female doves that are both happily married to males they have bonded with. Both females have had many fertile eggs and raised them.
But both females bowcoo
Both females try to mount other birds
And one female will jump on her husbands back and wrap her tail around trying to mate him from the top!
(Maybe its because i lived in West Hollywoid for over a decade...😄)
but all i can say is a female can act completely like a male.
The color of their feet does not reveal their sex.
Aside from a dna test the only way i know for sure if i have a female is to wait until its 6 months old to see if it lays an infertile egg. If a pet shop owner says they have a bird that is definately a female because it is quiet and smaller...and not aggressive...that really says nothing. If someone says they are selling a male because it bowcoos and is agressive and tries to mount other birds..that really says nothing.
Dna test
Or laid an egg
Thats the safe way to go.
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