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short video

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here is a short video of my young bird race team
its a team of 24 so far

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Thanks. So you feed your birds at night? I noticed that some are not eating. Did they eat early?
those were actually the slow ones you see still eating
everyone had already gobbled down their food
They're looking good Ed. Got some bossy ones I see. They think they're SO tough.........LOL
Hope your marking down the cocks and hens?
im trying to lol
some I can clearly tell if its a hen or a cock
some I still have no clue LOL
its hard for me to tell the diffrence
do you have any tips that could help me tell the diffrence
Good stuff Ed! Thanks for another wonderful video. Your Yb's are looking really nice. I hope they good for you!
ty golden :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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