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I just posted about Coalie's new diaper.

We've talked about getting him a mate, a rescue pigeon from someone.

But ...

He is very, very territorial. If my toes are hanging over the edge of the couch, he will bite them repeatedly. If I'm on the couch, and he hops up, even if I don't even move towards him, he will sometimes peck. Sometimes, he'll peck, bite, twist, and then shake his head.

Sometimes he is so maddening. We follow the person's advice to sometimes put him in timeout, but sometimes I put *myself* in time-out before it escalates. He accepts petting from Rick all the time (although he will attack Rick; he also lets Rick spend hours petting him), and he "purrs" so much, that soft little moan, uhh,uhh, uhh, uhh, that you can barely hear.

So--if we got him a mate, would he be nicer to her, or would be just as vicious to her?

Any advice would be welcome!


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