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Hey all,
Wanted to do a "Shout-Out" for one of my good friends in the pigeon world. He doesent have alot of advertizing so I told him I would help him out. Mr. Randy Mckee has the following breeds to offer. All are exelent quality.

Indian&American fantails in almond
Exhibition Homers in BB,cream bar and mealy
Modenas in almond & argent
Smalkaldeners in yellow,red,black and blue
Figuritas in white
Maltese in BB
Racing homers in solid yellow
Blue lace rollers
Bellneck rollers in red and yellow
Crested Frillbacks
Berlin Long Face "Nail Heads" in white
Rzhev Startail Turmani in reds and blacks
Berliner Muffed Tumblers in almond
English short muffed tumblers in almond
Arabian trumpters in powder blue,opal and barred
Parlor Rollers in almond,opal and reds.

If your interested in any of these birds contact Randy Mckee @ 336-420-7454
or thru e-mail [email protected]
Again he is a great and experianced breeder and has been raising birds before I was even born lol

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