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The baby has drooping wings trying to walk, his joints in wing and legs seam sore and a little reddish in color but no swelling seams normal otherwise. It can eat a little and drink water if I hold it close. Have been trying to feed it 3 times a day a little seed, chick grit and water w/ACV, I fed it a little Pro biotic on the seed last night.

Poo is loose and green looked better in the morning and loose and green again. Father has stopped feeding it and mother on two other eggs. Nest mate larger stronger and standing walking more. Father for the past 6 days had pale green and runny like pea soup poo. The female seamed ok I let the birds out when I get home they fly up to wood rack first thing and let it rip like they been holding it till I get home. Today the Cock flew up to the wood and low and behold his poo looked very normal again and He flew around my shop like a happy bird!

We don't have avian vets hear I would guess it is Paratyphoid or E. coli. Would a regular vet be able to determine the disease and treat it. Is there something more I can do than just keep feeding the Little squeaker?

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