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While I have referred to this site often, I just created an account. My first pet as a child was a bird, my mother bred birds, I have loved them my whole life.
I live in NYC and have been working from home since October. I smoke outside in front of or near my building and have gotten to know the 3 pigeon families that also reside here on the front facade.
Last Thursday one of our females looked ill and on the brink of death. She perched where she kept her nest and ended up passing up there. Her partner and one of her spawn kept vigil over the spot displaying signs of mourning. This happened on the weekend so this morning I informed our building manager and he said he would take care of it. He climbed the ladder and checked- no dead pigeon! The area is not accessible to any predators. Occasionally a rat on the ground at night but that’s about it. Never have any rats climbed our building nor have any hawks or birds of prey been seen on my block. She definitely died and I have not seen her since. She had a deformity on one foot so there is no confusing her. My question is- where could the body have gone? I only told the super bc it seemed the body was causing her partner more distress than maybe if it were gone. But it’s gone. And I’m confused.
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