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Sick Pigeon Need Help, in Scotland

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Found a sick pigeon 2 days ago its seems to be confused, it seems to have a balance problem and falls over quite a lot and sometimes it runs around in circles if it does not know where it is going and it has problems eating, meaning it pecks at it and throws it about a lot and its head moves about all over the place when it is moving about, please can someone help me as it is so sad to watch the poor thing:confused:
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Thank you for taking in and rescuing this poor bird. Based upon the symptoms you have described it sounds it might be PMV. I'm sorry, but I don't know how to post the link (not too computer savy), but please go into our resource section and do a search for PMV........there is a world of information that will help you. Also, I am sure there will be many experienced members along shortely to help you.
Thank you for helping this needy bird.

Here is the thread on the PMV. If it is PMV, this bird just needs alot of supportive care.

My pigeon has stopped eating today had to use dropper to give him water. Can anybody tell me how to get him to eat or how to force feed him thank you.
It's stressful on them, to force feed, but it is necessary if they stop eating altogether.
Is he drinking on his own, at all?

If he is just NOT eating (but still drinking) it is best to hand feed a tablespoon of seeds, for each meal. They don't appreciate it, but it's less stressful for the grown up birds. Then allow him to drink.

There are other methods of feeding them in the resource section, you can check them, I use the less invasive method, though it's messy.

IF the bird isn't drinking, you need to soak the tablespoon of seed for 10 minutes, then drain and hand feed. (never re-use soaked seed for later) Open beak and gently put some seeds over the tongue to the back of the throat and allow the bird to close its beak and swallow. Make sure the bird is kept warm, first and foremost.

What are the symptoms the bird is displaying now, and what does the poop look like? Are you gving it supplemental calcium, and vitamins, and any digetive aids??
If this pigeon does have PMV (and symptoms sound right)..

I had several in last year, and my way was to wrap them in a towel so just the head was peeking out. I gave them frozen peas and sweetcorn (not tinned), thawed in hot water. I opened the bird's beak and held it open with left hand, then popped the food into its mouth (not just the end of the beak - it would throw it out) one at a time ensuring it swallowed it. I gave 40 -50 bits twice a day. Slow going at first till I and the bird got into the routine. With adult birds, after a few days I also added a few small, raw peanuts (not the great long things you get for bird feeders), and a selection from the pigeon mix I use (green peas, white peas, and such. They seemed to manage to drink from a small pot of water in the cage, but the peas and corn have plenty of water on them too. Didn't take them long to get right enough to be able to pick up at least some pigeon food from a deep, heavy dish in the cage. Once they were gaining weight, I reduced the hand feeding and kept check to see if they maintained weight (couldn't easily tell how much they were eating and how much was getting thrown about, as I was not home all the time).

I also gave them liquid calcium supplement for 2 -3 days, then left it for a week, alternating with a multi-vitamin supplement in their water. These can help to boost the system somewhat.

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Thanks to all of you for your help, but I am afraid he has just died thank you once again. He had been eating and drinking by himself even although most of the seed was missing his mouth he was still eating and he looked like he was going to beat it, but early today he just fell over on his side and would not get up on his feet and within an hour he was dead.
Defender............So sorry for the loss of your bird. Thank you for rescuing him and doing your best to protect and save him.
I'm really sorry to read that ... but thanks for trying to help him.

Poor little guy may have had a secondary infection which the PMV symptoms (assumng it was) were masking

I am so sorry the bird didn't make it.
Thank you for helping him.

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