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a local pigeon flew inside my house - i feed them sometimes - he's less than 1 year old, he has standard pmv symptoms, shaky head, misses pecking and sometimes stargazes, watery poop. However he's also wheezing and had, no longer has, a watery eye. I made that inference because his feathers are all over the place on that eye.
He drinks and eats, sort of, on his own. Only goes for very small seeds, avoids corn and sunflower.
I've given him 1/4 of the bellow tablet for the past 4 days, still wheezes.
One 100 mg tablet contains:
Active substances: Tylosin tartrate 6.4 mg; Erythromycin thiocyanate 1.6 mg; Neomycin sulfate 10,0 mg;
Advice is welcome.
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