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Sick Pigeon

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I found a baby pigeon who was about to be eaten by a dog.I TOOK IT IN AND FEED IT FOR TWO DAYS.I discovered that it has a bubble or swollen lump on its belly.Ifeed it by hand as i did not have a tube or anything to to use.Do you think that there might be food in its lungs and how do solve this problem.He is probebly about a few days old as he is still bald with a few yellow faethers.
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Thank you for helping this baby.

What are you feeding the baby?

Can you post a picture of the baby and especially the lump/bubble?

This will determine quickly what this could be.

Is the lump there all the time or just after it eats?

I'm going to find the link of another little one to compare. Here is a healthy 3 day old pigeon.

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Welcome to Pigeon-Talk and many thanks for helping this baby! Where are you located? We may have a member nearby who could lend a hand if needed.

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