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sick puffed up pigeons

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hey guys i got 6 pigeons about 2 weeks ago and from the beginning this one pigeon just sat there puffed up and not doing anything and soon that pigeon died and then another pigeon got puffed up and stopped reacting anytime i tried to touch it. this happened to another one 2 and then i ended yup loosing three birds i tried putting garlic in there water and i do not know if that's helping or not but the 3 that are left seem to be okay but my questions are 1. what happened. 2. how do i prevent it from happening again. and 3. how do i cure it if it does happen again :confused::(:confused::(
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What kind of pigeons? How old, and did you keep them in separated for a while. from your other birds? Dave
i had 2 rollers 2 tumblers and 2 white homers i lost 3 to the same illness and now im down to 1 roller 1 tumbler and 1 homer i have no idea how old they are they are all adults i guess and i didn't keep them separated
When a pigeon is puffed up and gone light, it's usually suffering from coccidia, worms or both.
Each is easily treated and the birds respond well.
For coccidia, I use Albon which can be purchased at most of the on line pigeon stores or at many farm stores.
For round worms I treat with Ivormetin.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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