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So, i regularly feed couple of pigeons. One of them ( who usually stays at my window for few hours a day bossing everyone ) didnt show up for few days. When he did, he had a slightly drooping wing. There is also some slightly ruffled feathers on the same side. So i think he may have some sort of discomfort/strain there. He can fly but i think there is slight reluctance to fly and he did flew a bit weirdly once. Also to me it seems he tries to rest before flying (vs usual aggressive movement esp if another pigeon takes seeds).

For few days, he still shows up once/twice a day to feed and is still the boss of the feeding area when he is eating. But the wing is still drooping.

After reading few posts, i thought that keeping him captured for few days to allow him to rest his wing may help. But at the same time, he can fly - maybe he can also take care of himself by resting appropriately and recover ?

Anyway, I have captured the pigeon today while he was eating seeds from my window. He was very aggressive initially - wing slaps with other wing and growls if my hand approaches his head. But now seems to have calmed down after few hours and i was able to rub his head. He has not taken seeds so far ( ~2 hrs ). I have kept bajra + water inside the container.

My plan is to keep him for week or two feeding bajra/grain + water and then release.
Please advise if this is correct. He can still fly and has been flying for few days since incident. The wing droop is not visible with him inside the container so didnt take photos.

Edit - He was still not eating. He used his seemingly sore wing to wing slap too. So i decided to release him for now and keep and eye on him ...
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