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MickaCoo has recently taken in three gravely ill pigeons-

- a baby from SFACC struggling heroically to survive PMV named Persia
- another baby sick with a variety of illnesses and mistreated so badly that he's lost bone tissue in his knees to infection (not to mention the permanent magic marker all over him) named Peppermint
- a sick and seriously wounded fancy pigeon named Winter

All three were at shelters and facing euthanasia. All three are considered "miracle birds" for the progress they've made, though in Persia's case her survival at all is what is considered miraculous and she's is still in very grave condition. The other two both have a great prognosis.

Please visit here if you're able to donate. You can donate via credit card, PayPal or by sending a check. Please note "pigeon" when you do so so that MickaCoo will receive the money.

I know times are really tough and you may not have a big "rescued-pigeons-I've-never-met health care" budget. Small donations add up and every dollar is appreciated.

Thank you very much,
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