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I Just wanted to Update you all on my NR Pigeon Smudge. Here are his previous threads.

ANYWAYS! I Have had him since Christmas and he has never ate on his own. :eek: I Have tried everything to get him to eat and I have had no luck. he has been my constant room mate. :cool:

WELL last week thursday I recieved a pigeon with a sevierly bruised wing. (thankfully not broken) Just swollen and dark black. Well Smudge kept talking to her even though he couldnt reach her.

I finally put her In with him..and they began to breed and ....Smudge walked over to his food dish and began to eat. I am so Happy he is eating on his own! I Have now moved the two of them into their own loft out in the barn.

isnt it the weirdest thing??? I had put him in a loft with other pigeons and he never even looked at them other than to fight with them. He was just waiting:)

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