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Special need Pigeon for adoption.

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I have had him since Christmas.

He is quite tame, He has some cage aggression but he just loves his cage. When he is out of his cage he will snuggle in your shoulder and preen your hair and just ride around like a parrot.

His special needs. He had some head trauma and is still unable ot eat on his own and requires tubing twice a day. So his adopter needs to have experience with Tubing pigeons.

I had wanted to have his wing amputated before he was rehomed but my vet says he will not do it b/c putting him under is to risky.

So I would like his adopter to have a good vet who would be willing to do the operation. (He has so many issues with it and it just would be better for him if it was amputated) I am willing to pay for the operation. I just want him to find a home that has lots of time for him. And I want the person who adopts him to enjoy his companionship.

If you are interested in adopting Smudge please let me know. you can either reply here, Pm me or email me.

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