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Thanks for trying the humane way to do things first.
Have you tried to block the area they are nesting in? Maybe put a six-pack (Soda only, don't need these birds drinking beer and raising Cain) of soda into the area they are nesting in?
I do not know from reading your post if they are in a cavity, or on a ledge. You have access to the birds nest, if you are having trouble getting rid of them, try going out at night and plucking the birds off their nest. Put them in a box and take them elsewhere. (If people see you release them and complain, tell thm they are homing pigeons.) If you do this, please, take all the birds and please release them where there is, or you have seen, another flock of birds.
Best of luck. They can be persistant, but they can be removed with-out use of lethal force.
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