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Why thank you!
I do have another piece of the foam I took a staining sponge ripped the handle off and split it in half. Maybe I will leave this one on for a couple of days and them pull it in a little further with the next one, that way I don't hurt him pulling it in too much too fast. I'm not taping at the ankles because his left one is still a little swollen but looking better every day!!
He is definately getting stronger and more ornery every day and his appetite is increasing, we are up to about 20 cc of Kaytee and a bunch of peas and corn. Boy oh boy HE LOVES PEAS!! When I try to get him to eat seeds on his own he looks right over the seed dish and stares at the dish with the peas and SCREAMS at me LOL!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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