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splayed leg

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how do you give a 14 day old baby with a spayed leg calcium supplements to try and help the leg. I fixed the legs to straighten them out in a post that i read here on how to help a baby pigeon with spayed legs but i need to know how to give them calcium supplements
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At such a young age the splay could be solely due to the surface that the baby is resting on. Is the baby being fed by its parents? It might be best to give them the calcium supplenet in the water. Calcium supplements are recommended for adults during the nesting season.

Ideally calcium supplements should be liquid and specially formulated for birds. I don't know where you are, but I am in the UK and I use Calcivet or Gem Liquid Calcium. The Australian Pigeon Company produces a Calcium and Vitamin D3 syrup and this is available world wide.


If you have to give supplements to a very young bird, open the beak gently and put a tiny drop right at the front of the lower beak. The calcium syrup has a strong sweet flavour, so the bird will know it has something in its mouth and will swallow, reducing the dangers of aspiration.

The dosage is on the bottle, depending on the size of the bird it might be necessary to add a drop of calcium to a lttle water to dilute it and give a tiny drop of the solution.

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