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squab can't walk

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Hello. nearly a month ago a pair of my birds hatched some squabs. one of them was injured - I think stepped on - because I noticed a week after they hatched, one of them had a small red scab on his leg. I didn't take notice because he was healthy and perfectly fine. anyways, it affected his growth, his other sibling is about twice the size he is now and about two weeks ago we brought him in to care for him in hopes to keep him alive.

he's doing just fine now, but I noticed that his legs are not set right. At first I thought they were similar to being splayed but after some research I realize that they aren't. he can stand, not very solidly, and can hobble around if he flaps his wings for support. I noticed that his knees kind of bend inwards and that his feet seem a little swollen. I have a few photos that I'll put up.

is there a way I can fix his problem and make his legs good as new?


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I would suspect a vitamin/mineral deficiency. If it were my bird, I would be giving it a calcium supplement as well as small bits of a Brewer's Yeast tablet each day. Were you hand feeding this youngster or was it already eating on its own. If you were hand feeding it, it would be helpful to know what you were using .. Kaytee Exact or similar or something else?

The growth issue is something else to consider. It is possible that this little one is suffering from paratyphoid (salmonellosis). A vet should be able to tell you if this is case in pretty short order. Should paratyphoid be found, then the parents need to be treated for this as they will continually pass it on to their young.

ever since we took him out of the nest we've been giving him seed, which he can eat and drink on his own, along with kaytee exact mixed with organic baby food and pediatric electrolyte water every day.

I will look into finding a decent bird vet... the last one we went to didn't really float my boat :/
I will look into finding a decent bird vet... the last one we went to didn't really float my boat :/
Actually, any decent vet should be able to look at a poop sample and a blood sample and determine if salmonellosis is the problem. If so, that's pretty easily treated. The youngster would, for sure, need to be treated but the parents also.

I'd still try the calcium and bits of Brewer's Yeast. I've seen it work wonders in some pigeons and in many, many ducklings with weak/wobbly leg problems. Please do keep us posted, and I'm sure others will be along shortly with their advice.

useful website

Hello birdbum,

below is a website which you may find helpful:


good luck :)
Do not give electrolyte water every day. It is supposed to be used only for a few days when they are sick and dehydrated.
Every day use causes electrolyte imbalance and dehydration.

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