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Today I found one of my first sqabs outside the nest alone. the mom, (Nancy)
was still on the nest. So just to be sure, I picked her up to check on the other squab, and to my horror it wasn't there!:eek:

I feel so stupid!!! I looked every were for my littel squab on the floor, behind things, but it is gone!:(

The fact that the other sqab was out of the nest leads me to believe that the bird explored out of the nest, fell off the shelf, and maybe a rat got it?
It was my falt, I didn't build a guard rail in front of the nest shelf,(wich i fixed now) I did not plan on them leaving the nest untill they could fly. And the shelf has a huge nesting shelf which I built out of a tv cabinet! I feel realy bad.This is my first time raising pigeons from eggs and I guess I have alot of learning yet to do. Tonight I put a live trap in my coop to catch the rat. I wont kill it if I catch it, but I'm still upset.:(:mad:
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I could use some encouragement people.:(
I'm sorry for the loss of the baby. You are probably on the right track about rats, and thank you for your kindness to the rattie if that is the case. You do need to rat proof your enclosure, so post back with what you have and some pics if you can. If you've already done so, then please direct us to the threads/pictures.

Im working on it. Thanks so much TAWhatley:)
I'm really sorry about the baby, are you 110% sure it's not hiding somewhere? They can squeeze into the TINIEST places, I've found babies in places I never dreamed they could hide. If you are able to get some 1/4 hardware cloth or even 1/4 inch chicken wire (it's cheaper but not as effective as raccoons can still get through it easily), set your pijies up with that as soon as possible. A rat can get through any hole that its head can fit through. :eek: Thank you for your kindness to the rat if you do find it, I know it's easy to be angry at them but they are just following their instincts. If you get the wire set up, that should keep them safe and sound. I hope you somehow do find that the baby is hiding somewhere :eek: but if not I hope you feel better. I know it sucks to look back and think, Oh I could have done this. . .but in the future now you know and that's all you can do. :eek:
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i am sorry too i have lost to diffent youngters like that a blue bar and a pure white just vanished they were only two weeks
i am sorry too i have lost to diffent youngters like that a blue bar and a pure white just vanished they were only two weeks
I'm so sorry to hear this, but you must make sure to close off any openings larger then 1/4 inch, also clean up all left over seeds overnight as that also brings rats/mice around.
It always seems such a shock when something happens like this....but it is a learning experience too.....critter proof the loft, rats or any critter should not be able to get in there. not to mention the disease they carry as well.
Thanks everyone; yall are great!
I'm sorry for your loss, you learned a lesson the hard way. I'm also glad your not killing the rat, which I know alot of people would and frankly I don't blame them in some cases. But if you can relocate it, then it will make you feel better also. mindy
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