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Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since I posted here... We recently moved house and our four turbits came with us. We live in Doncaster, Melbourne.

Just last Thursday my four arrived back with a new companion who looks like a stray needing a flock. She wouldn't leave the turbits alone and looked pretty hungry so I left the trap open and she flew into our loft just before dark. The turbits have been accommodating to her and she seems happy to have the company, plus food and shelter! I have attached her photo here. She's a large bird and looks a bit like a nun pigeon. Only thing she is all black.

Does anyone know what breed she is? She also has a ring but there are many letters and numbers on it and some of them very hard to make out. I checked ANPA here but all their rings are stamped with ANPA so that is no help. I am happy to reunite her with her owner if she can be identified.

Cheers :)


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