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Hello everyone. The feral pigeon I befriended, my dear and beautiful Piccione Rosso, has -again- a string that is tied to both feet. Something similar happened over a year ago, which resulted in him losing a single toe; but this time it is much, much worse.

I unfortunately don't have a photo of what his feet look like at the moment. From what I could see, the string has turned into a tourniquet on the right foot, which created a very bad fluid accumulation (?) on one toe. It looks like he's wearing a big ring of flesh. The other foot looks a bit better, but he drags it instead of putting it down normally.

I created a rudimentary landing pad using cardboard and pliers on the edge of my balcony; I'll post a photo just for clarification. This way it is easier for him to land. As you can see, he stays down 99% of the time, even while eating. He uses his wings as "walking sticks" when he needs to move, but he can't actually walk, so I cannot lure him somewhere else to catch him. I want to help him but he doesn't let me. If I pull up the blinds, he escapes. If I move too fast or get too close to him, he flies away as fast as he can. If I put a bowl of water near the seeds, he doesn't move because he feels suspicious. The fact that he's on my balcony, instead of the ground, makes it 100x times harder to catch him.

Honestly, any advice is welcome. I also wanted to ask: are there any antibiotics/vitamins, or even painkillers, I can mix with his seeds to help him get through this?

Thank you for your time and patience. I feel heartbroken for him, he seems in a lot of pain. (Sorry if I made any mistakes, I'm still not sure this is the right way to post)
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