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Swollen Eyelid

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My hubby was out in the loft this a.m. feeding the pijis and he noticed one of our blue bars wasn't feeding. Upon further examination he found that the little guy's left eyelid is swollen shut and the eyeball is sunk in. He quaranteened him. The bird seems fine except for his eye. Could he have gotten pecked by another bird, or is this a sign of something else. Thanks in advance. Rusty
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Wash the eye with warm water and see if you can see any injuries. Better even if you have chamomille tea, boil it, let it cool and wash the eye.
Let us know and if you can take pics that would help a lot.

One Eye Cold

Most likely a one-eye-cold, a fairly common disease. Suggest you purchase medication from one of the pigeon supply firms.
As already suggested, keep the eye cleaned and open, if it is not kept open, blindness is a possibility. Isolation isn't needed, this is not communicable.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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