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taking alot of white homers in need of good homes

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I really love pigeons.I loved them since i was little.I had around 52 white homers and some black homers.Before i came to America i lived in Ukraine,Europe.I had around 600 different pigeons. My dad and his dad also loved birds. .The loft is a a very good home for the pigeons.My whole family loves birds.just Thursday night i was about to go to sleep and i forgot to close the cage. It was my falt.When i woke up all the pigeons were dead.A couple of raccoons had got in the loft and killed all of them.I was in shock.I couldn't believe what happened.

Since then i couldn't sleep for days.I am looking for people that have to much pigeons and don't need them want to give away to good hands.I will pay for shipping and handling. wil be willing buy if i can pick up. looking for around 10 pairs of white homers. Thank you so much.
you can email me at [email protected]
or call me at 203-249-2748
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Petro, where are you located? I'm sorry for your loss, I made the same mistake once, but it was with chickens, and a fox killed all of them in one night. They didn't even eat all of them, they just killed some of them for fun. I just received my first pigeons ever, wed, a lady, Reti, shipped mine from Miami, Fl. They survived the shipping just fine. I'm hope someone can help you find some. min
i live in Stamford Connecticut east cost
SORRY! ***** would NOT Kill that many Pigeons in one Night, Care to change Your story? Dave
Dave, I Beg to differ. 2 ***** could easily kill 52 pigeons in one night. Obviously you have not had experience with killer ***** in a dark loft at night.
We had over 50 Chickens killed by ***** in one evening. He didn't say they ate them. Of course they wouldnt eat them all. Why are you so negative all the time? Trust someone once in awhile and dont be a D**k all the time.
Hopefully someone will be along to help you out with replacements. You sound to me like you have learned a tough lesson and I also noticed you aren't asking for pedigreed or banded birds like some "desperate" folks do.
the raccoons barely ate any.None of the pigeons had heads some then but they were choked to death .U could say i am kind of desperate because I'm having problems at work so don't have a job right now
Well, I will tell you what, in the Dark Days of my Youth, i have had Great Experience With *****, getting My stock, Trapping and Hunting with Dogs...
And I Hunted with Dogs for a Living, for 2 Years, My only Income.
I know Raccoons. It can happen, BUT it is RARE.
More Likely Mink or Weasel. I did not catch when it happened, that would have some bearing on it. Okay, if he Lived where he said, Young are not at that stage yet, another Month or two...
Whites and such..., BACK off you Silly Person! Why do i come off as negative? Because i really like truth, unlike You and many other people here Dave
i will try to post some pictures.
Petro, If you dont have a job how will you properly care for the birds? Medication-Feed-Etc. I think it would be wiser to get your financial situation straight before getting more birds. I am assuming you have no source of income and may very well be wrong here.
I am a painter and i am waiting for a house to get finished building and i will start to paint it.i also have a wife and her job pays good.
Maybe he Married Right?;);););) Dave
lol dont matter i will start working very soon
Sounds like you have everything you need to start keeping them again. Time and Money!! I dont have all white so I cant help you but I am sure someone will help you. I noticed on your other thread you were looking for quite a few breeding age birds. You might want to edit your thread to let everyone know you would be willing to take even as few as 2 birds as not everyone would have that many to "donate" Just a thought, Good Luck
i would take 2 but if i can pick the bird up not ship it cost to much to ship if only 2 if it were 20 or so i would be willing to get my shipping
ken do u have any black homers i had a couple nice black ones. if u do can u send me some pictures
I have only one OB black and 1 Yb black. If the OB doesnt pick up the pace this OB season you are welcome to have him in 8 weeks. So far he has not even been in the top 20%. I dont have much luck with my black pigeons.
Killer ****

I disagree also raccoons are devastating murderers! Just recently (March 2009) I awoke to the gristly killing of 33 of my homing pigeons, over 5 grand in breeders and their first round babies. This killer did just that killed the birds not eating any! I set a live trap and captured a yearling raccoon at the point of entry which was a small area for ventilation no larger than 4 inches wide. No more raccoons have been trapped since, even though the trap is set daily. The loft is now completely blocked off I am not sure air can even get in!

A similiar incident happened also in 2004 when two of them ripped off the door that I let my young bird team out to exercise. They killed 30 that night eating only the heads, or at least the dead birds were decapitated. I also captured both of those raccoons.

Ever since my dog died several years ago I have been plagued with raccoons. To me they are the most horrible creatures around!

I don't have any white birds but I am very sorry this happened to you. I know how upset I was; I just sat down and started crying, not because of the cost involved but the loss of my friends that looked forward to their daily feed and water routine and just to play around with me. They were my buddies!

Steve Jenkins
The Dixiebuckeye
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Thursday night i was about to go to sleep and i forgot to close the cage. It was my falt.When i woke up all the pigeons were dead

this is the part I don't understand, I was about to go to sleep, help me on this one
***** will do that to Chickens this much I can say but they won't get the chance at my Pigeons.
SORRY! ***** would NOT Kill that many Pigeons in one Night, Care to change Your story? Dave
A new person comes onto this site, and shares his tragedy of ***** getting in his loft, and you come out and say he is not telling the truth ?! So, if they killed 49 it is possible, but if he says 50 he is a liar ? And if by some chance it was some other animal, what is your point, he still ended up with a loft full of dead birds. I guess, you felt the need to share your **** expertise, and that only your personal experience is possible ?

I don't think your comments, were particularly kind or helpful. I don't know what the "average" kill rate of a ****, or a pair of ***** is. I don't know or care, what the world record might be. If something like this happened to me, I would be sick beyond belief, and then to have someone tell me....Warren that can't be true....they never kill more then 48 pigeons at a time, want to change your story......would be to simply throw salt into the wound.
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......BACK off you Silly Person! Why do i come off as negative? Because i really like truth, unlike You and many other people here Dave

That should really win you some friends.....:rolleyes:...as well as score you some points with all the moderators.....perhaps you should re-read the rules of conduct of this site :confused:
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